Commercial stain management – The why and how of it

Stain management is an important aspect of many service sectors such as the hospitality sector and the healthcare sector. Clean and hygienic spaces are top-priority for people who avail the services of these sectors and stain management is a big part of maintaining cleanliness.  Stain management is not just removal of stains. It is much more than that and a complete stain management solution is what will help maintain top-standards of services. Let us get to know a little bit more about stain management here.

Why is stain management a challenge?

Linen maintenance is one of the most important parts of the hospitality and healthcare sector. Since so many people directly use the linen, there tends to be a constant need for cleaning. Stained or unclean linen is a major put-off for customers for obvious reasons. For linen maintenance, stain management becomes crucial.

Linen is always at risk of various types of stains and each type of stain requires specialised treatment. Identifying stains, indentifying agents that will remove the stains and then removing stains without damaging linen is a big challenge. This is where professional stain management solutions come to the rescue.

How professional stain management helps –

Professional stain management solutions ensure complete stain removal as well as preserve the quality and colour of linen. Therefore, great stain management protects the investment that is made on linen as well as drives patronage from customers. A typical lifecycle of a great stain management solution will be:

  • Collecting soiled linen
  • Sorting the types of stains
  • Washing and processing
  • Packaging and dispatching

The level of cleanliness and the freshness of linen after this lifecycle is what will differentiate truly professional solutions and the rest.