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Clean kitchen, Safe kitchen

Clean kitchen, safe kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant so it’s important to maintain good hygiene practices. The area can quickly become a hotbed for bacteria if proper cleaning and sanitation are not used because food operations take place there. Lack of water both for cleanup and dishwashing will also create unhygienic conditions, as well as inadequate storage space that allows microorganisms grow in foods or on equipment surfaces without being cleaned away completely. If you want your customers to have a healthier experience when dining out, provide them with sanitary supplies like clean dishes and utensils along with safe processed food products prepared under hygienic conditions from properly stored ingredients; this way they won’t be exposed again unnecessary contamination risk factors which could lead to illness!


Food safety is a major concern for all food services. It requires the following of an effective and disciplined programme that’s followed rigorously to maintain sanitation levels, which includes proper kitchen design as well as adequate training on how to carry out thorough sanitization processes. Regular cleaning operations will serve not only in maintaining cleanliness but also by preventing unwanted contamination from occurring within the establishment and reducing organisms that cause spoilage; thereby increasing both quality control and customer satisfaction rates with minimal inconvenience. The food handlers should follow the systematic cleaning schedule to make sure surfaces and equipment are cleaned when they need to be.

A successful food and beverage operator should have a schedule, which includes the following:

  1. a) What needs to be cleaned? 
  2. b) How often it needs to be cleaned?
  3. c) How cleaning has to be done?

Further, we need to have a checklist of cleaning instructions that can include:

What cleaning products should be used?

Best method to store the product (away from raw, cooked, packed food) 

A clear instruction about the dilutions of such products must be mentioned.

How long that should be left in contact with the surface (following the manufacturer’s instructions)


Kitchen infrastructure

The kitchen must be constructed as per the regulations with materials that are non-toxic, durable and easy to clean. Proprietors and owners of restaurants should be mindful to construct their kitchens with food-safe materials that are durable, easy to clean as well.

The kitchen should have adequate pest control measure to prevent the entry of rodents, cockroaches, flies and insects. The ventilation system must be able to eliminate smoke, odours and prevent dust, dirt from entering. Filters and other parts of the systems should be easily accessible for cleaning or changing.

It’s important to design a kitchen that will prevent dirt, mold and fungus from accumulating.

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