Expertise And Innovation

Our products and services are known throughout the industry for providing effective results that help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier while protecting people and vital resources. We continuously monitor and manage our customers’ expanding demand for solutions that address water scarcity, oil and gas supply challenges, natural resource recovery, contamination control and infection prevention – as well as monitor the latest pandemics or threats to public health.


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Technology centers

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Our Vision for Clean Water

Improving Water Efficiency
Ecolab helps customers do more, using less water – improving the heating and cooling, industrial processing, wastewater treatment, and cleaning and sanitizing processes.

Innovative Water Technologies
Ecolab employs innovative water technologies, real-time data and monitoring, water management software tools, water treatment services and chemistries to help customers implement industrial water conservation efforts to reduce freshwater use, re-use and recycle water to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost of operation, pretreat water to meet environmental discharge standards, treat water for public health and safety, and to protect and prolong asset life.

Making Healthy Environments
More Sustainable

Improving Environmental Hygiene to Protect Patients, Guests, and Workers

Ecolab offers a variety of environmental cleaning solutions and data-driven insights to help customers run clean, safe, efficient and sustainable operations in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and other institutional facilities.

Healthy Environment Innovations

Ecolab employs innovative technologies to help customers achieve their environmental hygiene goals.  In 2017, we helped wash more than 40 billion hands, 150 billion plates and 110 million loads of laundry and helped clean more than 800 million hotel rooms and 6 million hospital and long-term care patient rooms.


Supporting Sustainable
Energy Production

Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency

We work to improve energy efficiency for companies faced with complex industrial energy management challenges, from hotels  to oil fields. Our Energy Services business, provides the industry’s most comprehensive, optimized and technically advanced solutions for process, production and water-treatment solutions to the global upstream and downstream petroleum and petrochemical industries. In 2017, we helped customers save over 12 trillion BTUs of energy, generate 20% of the world’s power and reduce the water and energy footprint of 40% of the world’s petroleum production. We’re also helping the largest single operator of hotels in the world reach ambitious sustainability goals, including reducing carbon intensity by 30 percent.

Innovative Energy Technologies

Our energy technologies provide continuous monitoring and immediate responses to system changes that improve a system’s reliability and performance, greatly reducing water use and increasing energy efficiency.