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Deep Cleaning Reset Protocols for Commercial Establishments

Deep Cleaning Reset Protocols for Commercial Establishments

The Coronavirus is so wide-spread that if one of your employees tests positive for it, you should already have a response protocol ready and then minimize as much downtime as possible. When an employee tests positive for COVID-19, you should be prepared to immediately implement a response protocol.

What to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19?

Though the entire facility will need to be considered for a reset of deep cleaning and disinfection, it’s important that we prioritize areas where the employee with COVID-19 travelled. Following WHO or local guidance on isolation protocols, employees who have come in contact should immediately go into quarantine so they don’t spread this infection further than necessary.

Touchpoint Considerations in the Facility

Deep cleaning is an important part of any business. 

The first step in a deep clean should be resetting the protocols for commercial establishments and entrances to keep people safe from germs that can cause illness or discomfort. 

Entrance way touchpoints, employee welfare areas such as changing rooms including lockers, benches, chairs; cafeteria/lunchrooms (doorway frames), tables and chairs – these are just some examples of where quickly turning over furniture with disinfectant cleanser will help stop bacteria before it spreads like wildfire throughout your establishment!

Other areas includes, sanitizing employee washrooms as well as hand washing/sanitation stations with soap or detergent and water if necessary in certain areas such as hallways where bottles are being filled for drinking purposes. Other important items include PPE self-serve storage (hairnet, earplugs, gloves) so they’re easy to access when needed by staff members while performing cleaning duties outside their designated area of work space.

General Measures to Follow to Protect the Facility from a COVID-19 Occurrence

To combat a COVID-19 outbreak, you should first adopt and enforce the use of PPE especially face masks for everyone. This includes restricting unnecessary traffic flow and employee contact with other people to avoid spreading any potential infection around your facility. You also need to touchpoint disinfection protocol (amenity & non production) every 4 hours as well as evaluating mid-shift cleaning options like what type of detergent is available or if it’s feasible for employees to complete deep cleanings tasks in addition from their regular duties on top of making sure that equipment necessary such as cleaners are accessible at all times when needed which will benefit not only your company but the environment too. There have been changes made to how people stand so as not to crowd each other too much- this creates social distance from one another which is really important considering COVID-19 spread. 

We have done risk assessments on what can be potentially hazardous to the facility while you’re at work or when you are resting in your quarters – we don’t want anything threatening our lives! 

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