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Food Service Operators – Personal Hygiene Tips

Food Service Operators – Personal Hygiene Tips 

To prevent food poisoning, follow these tips: 

-Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling food, and wash them again frequently during work.

-Dry your hands with a clean towel or under an air dryer to avoid spreading bacteria from other people on the equipment you touch while working in the kitchen.

-Avoid touching any surfaces or equipment in the kitchen that are not designated for serving customers. 

-Dress yourself in clean clothes when needed – aprons are good too if they’re available as part of your uniform.

-Make sure no one coughs over anything edible either! The best way to do all these things is to stay away from potentially hazardous areas altogether when you have any symptoms. Never smoke near where food is prepared or stored; never chew gum around fresh produce because it can introduce harmful bacteria into the environment. Don’t change diapers on counters right next to anything edible either! Eat away from areas where raw meats are being handled. 

-Keep spare clothes and other personal items away from places where the kitchen is being prepared or stored. 

-Tie back hair if it’s too long so that your hands are always available for washing them when you need to handle foods like raw chicken or vegetables in order – make sure not use polish on nails because this could chip into the meals themselves! 

-Avoid wearing jewellery around customers as well unless it’s a plain banded ring/sleeper earring which won’t present any potential problems. 

-Cover all cuts with wound strips to prevent them infecting anything you come into contact with! Wear disposable gloves over the top of any wounds on your hands if you have them, strip off old ones and replace.

-Regularly advise a supervisor about feeling unwell out of concern for other people.

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